Emotion Reactive Facial Recognition System

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Product Features

  • Heart Rate Analysis
  • Breathing Analysis
  • Voice Print Analysis
  • Stress Analysis

Do you have Autism? Or Asperger’s?


Suffering from Police Harassment? Can your Police Force tell the difference between a Hacker and a Saboteur


We’ve launched the second version of our Emotion Reactive Advanced Facial Recognition System


Determine a persons demeanor by analyzing their body language, heart rate, breathing and now Vocal Stress Patterns


The system was designed to improve police accountability, help those on the mental health branch that have difficulties recognizing visual emotions, in regards to face pattern.


Humans react differently based on their intent, a seasoned investigator can pick up on these signs from experience, the same way out application can, it’s based upon machine learning.


Since version v3, you know have the option to link to the below services

Azure Cognitive Services or Google Cloud Vision, or Amazon Rekognition as running V3 locally requires large amounts of GPU processing.


At the moment this app can interface with #OpenSource NVR Technologies like Shinobi


We are exploring Amazon Quantum Computing researching how Quantum technology might improve the way we analyze data.


However, if you were wrongly arrested, please message us openly on Twitter.


We feel transparency is the best way forward here, especially after the recent events below.

UK – Wayne Couzen, USA – George Floyd, Africa – End SARS Brazil – Pandemic

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We are currently collaborating with the above organizations and we assist in every way possible. #LivesMatter – #Covid19


Currently only available some of following countries listed in this article

V4 Coming out on the start of April 2022


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