Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Electric Car Defense Alarm System


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You’ve seen this in a James Bond movie, person touches the handle of the car and receives a hell of a shock, in reality this is legal but you must display a clear warning. If they choose to proceed afterwards it’s at their own risk


Yes, You Can Map Out an Electric Field at Home | WIRED

How Does It Work?

The shocking door handle is powered by the car’s 12V DC battery. The original prototype had a long wire hanging off it that connected to the door handle. Since a thick wire clamped to a door handle wouldn’t be very covert, a channel was cut into the door handle to hold the wire, which was smoothed over with plaster and painted over to match the door. The circuit has a trigger switch that corresponds with the door lock, so the door handle is electrified whenever the car is locked.

Will your car protect you in a lightning storm? - The Globe and Mail

Method of Delivery

We can either provide you with blueprints for you to engineer onto your car or deliver to a mechanic/engineer.

Or you can take your car to one of our pre checked garages for your car to be retro fitted.


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