Altruistic – showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.” it was an entirely altruistic act”

Having a desire to help, without judgement nor persecution. To make the world a better place. By allowing open-source collaboration, rethinking the way we do things.


Misson Statement

An online #marketplace for those wishing to sell their products & services. Catering for the #WhiteHat community, aiming to offer a place for those wishing to create to help make things better, not worse.

For those working within #CyberSecurity check out some of our products & services.

Our high-powered machines, are state of the art. Making #digital #forensicanalysis & #incidentresponse a breeze.

#Programmers #SoftwareEngineers you have not been left you out, hardware has been carefully selected made by popular manufacturers, reviewed and used by us to ensure that they outperform our expectations.

Custom Machines are BUILT To order. Keeping costs down. If something is unavailable in your region, this will be down to either licensing or regulation. – Currently Paused Due To Pandemic Issues

Our 3rd party tools are designed by the best people in the field plus a wide and ever-growing alternative news resource.

Ackerworx will occasionally research new solutions for problems that aren’t listed on our site. Highly skilled in a number of physical technologies, our solutions have been used recently by a number of #Journalists, this would include the more recent #LivesMatter protests of 2020.


AckerWorx is a family-run aid, we also support those with disabilities on the #Autistic spectrum, including #Aspergers and #ADHD. Seeing that a lot of #ASD individuals choose to work within these fields. If you have any trouble using our site. Please email us. Our email can be found in the Console if you have developer tools, by pressing F12 or by using the contact options below.

Echo: X

Technical Genius

Specialising in Encryption, Analysis and IoT/Systems engineering. In my spare time, I enjoy Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects as well as Crypto Investments. Using my unconventional thought pattern, I tend to be an out of the box thinker, often trying out new ways to improve existing processes. I've been known to design ultra-secure networks.


Echo: Iko{n}

Programmer / Developer

I enjoy Codeacademy, learning about new technologies, being able to amalgamate this into my work. Extending my applications to new heights. In my spare time, I like playing video games and hanging with Kuro


Echo: Kuro

Scent Analysis

Activities Include Indoor Treadmill, Outdoor pool to keep in shapes whilst my owners gain weight over lock-down. Experimenting with VR Headsets.


If you have a product, service or software you wish to offer, please feel free to use the contact form below


    Report securely at #hackerone & Practice safe using labs at #hackthebox


    For image abuse try #TheBADASS_army Founded in August of 2017, THE BADASS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to victims of revenge porn/image abuse, and eradicating the practice through education, advocacy, and legislation.

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